Paris France : Eiffel Tower

When I decided to visit Paris, I knew that I wanted to photograph the Eiffel Tower differently than most people would. My goal was to capture an image that grabbed your attention, and reduced distractions by not having people in the photo. The only way I was able to do this was to stay up all night waiting for the sun to rise. So I camped out under the Eiffel Tower on[...]

Professionals : The Music Video

A few weeks ago, while I was in California, Edmund Prieto and I wrote a song about being professional photographers. We then went a step further and recorded a music video. I'm excited to announce that it is finally complete! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our music video : Professionals. Big thanks to Michael Gaddie for filming the video for us! Yours Truly - [...]

Tiffany Christopher @ The Amp

Tiffany Christopher opened for the Indigo girls last week at The Amp in Fayetteville Arkansas. She finished off the night at Georges Majestic lounge, where she released her brand new EP. Do yourself a favor and go listen to her music. She is one of my favorite acoustic artists, and she makes men look dumb with her skills on the 6-string! Her new album will be released[...]

Third Eye Blind

These images were taken at a 3EB live show in Fayetteville Arkansas. All of these photography by Music and Concert photographer Geoff Duncan.

Space Capone : Live

Last week I received a press pass to shoot the Third Eye Blind concert in Fayetteville. I knew little to nothing about the opening band, Space Capone. I quickly became a fan. Check out their music at


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